5 Steps to Grow Your Freelance Beauty Professional Business

When your business is new and full of possibilities, it demands an engaging platform to connect with the right audience & customers. When you are a freelance beauty professional, you can offer the best beauty service right at the customer´s homes or at their nearest locations. There is an excellent scope for such professionals to deliver the goods and get recognized instantly by using a reputed platform.


The scope of freelance hairstylists using Salonaat


Becoming a freelance stylist means there is an unlimited scope of what you can learn and earn. Applying new craft and selling your service as a freelancer on Salonaat can help you stay ahead in the industry. There is a higher chance of landing more prominent deals with the clients on a regular basis in the MENA region.


Steps to grow your Freelance beauty professional business


1. Get connections

For a freelance beauty professional, it is imperative to create links. A well-connected network where you can interact with the clients is a great way to boost up your business scale. Using online platforms to link with the customers can help you gain more customers or get connections for future references.


2.Stay equipped

Your service must be top-class to stay ahead in the competitive market. The right tools for your professional beauty treatment are critical to your overall reputation. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance and to deliver the goods you need the right tools. So, make sure that you purchase the best beauty equipment for assisting your client needs and get referred. Salonaat can help you get the best deals provided you are ready for the job..



Promotion is one of the most significant factors to stay ahead in business. For freelance beauty professionals, Salonaat offers the best way to promote their service and get bookings. Here, you can easily promote yourself and get recognition. So, use the mobile app for better promotion.


4.Set earnings

There is a vast earning scope from your freelance business. All you need to do is focus on the right customers, set competitive rates and deliver the best. Making a massive amount of money is not difficult but what’s important is having patience. Slowly, your business will get the recognition it deserves but till then, keep pushing the limits and delivering the best you can. Learn & earn is the motto of the day.


5.Be confident

Positivity is a precious factor. To stay positive, you must be convinced about the work you deliver. There are thousands of freelance artists competing for the job. What sets you apart is your thinking about the business and the service you provide. Your skills will determine your pay scale and scope. So, keep on evolving. With Salonaat you get a trusted platform to showcase your skills and stay confident.


Salonaat is one of the most reliable stylists finder apps where you can quickly register your beauty services and get clients in the MENA region. It is a salon finder app available for both Android as well as iOS users. Our app offers dual language support, booking reminders, and more. The application is perfect for your business. So, download the app for free and grow your freelance beauty professional business right away!

Massage Centre in Dubai: Get a Soothing Feeling!

When the name of massage comes, the very first thing clicks in mind; a soothing touch to the nervous system that can lower the blood pressure and heart rate. Maybe that’s the reason more and more people are taking advantage of massage services. Undeniably, there are couples of physical as well as mental benefits one can get with the best massage in Dubai. For example, whether you want to get rid of whole day’s stress or relieving from chronic pain, you can get the fantastic health benefits just by seeking the quality services and a reliable massage center in Dubai.


So, are you also looking for that soothing touch or feeling? Do you want to utilize the best massage services? If yes, you need to seek the best massage center in Dubai where you can rely on the massage experts. Well, if wellness and relaxation is actually mattered for you or you really want to connect with the reliable massage services, we have a superb idea for you. With this idea, neither you have to worry about the center nor about services.


Yes, you are hearing the correct. Now for the very first time, Salonaat is available with fantastic features and benefits for the customers. Anyone who wants to enhance his immunity, increase blood circulation, want a speedy recovery from injury and many other massage health benefits can easily connect with the most suitable and perfect massage centre without any hassle. This is possible with one of the best beauty finder apps; Salonaat.


We know perfectly, how many time you have wasted just searching a trusted massage center or a massage service provider. Even sometimes you have to suffer just because of choosing an incorrect option. But this app will offer you the leverage to take a wise decision and choose the most suitable option or the massage center that can satisfy all your requirements and come up with the expected result.


  • How this App works?

The best thing about Salonaat is its hassle free access. You can use this app and understand its features very easily. When it comes to the expense of using this app, you will be glad to know that it is completely free. In fact, no matter you are an Android user or iPhone, it is available for both. So, what you need to do? Just go to the Google Play or iTunes, search for Salonaat, download app and install it. In this way, you will be able to utilize the outstanding benefits and finding the best massage center in Dubai.

A Smart Way to Find the Best Ladies Spa & Salon in Dubai

Technology has transformed this planet into a smarter place to live-in. Humans are now finding comfort in technology by producing revolutionary products and introducing them into the market. For example, a salon finder app on your smartphone that instantly connects you with the best ladies spa & salon in Dubai is one of those innovative products.


Introducing Salonaat, the No.1 salon booking app that offers premium features to the users. The app is available free-to-download for both Android as well as iOS users. The app offers a convenient way to connect with the best ladies salon in Dubai. Offering a complete package to the customers inside a single app, Salonaat is truly the best app for you.


Reasons why you must download Salonaat:


  1. The Best Beauty Salon App– Often, salon booking applications just find you a nearby salon centre but do not offer any special offers or discounts. Some of those who do manage to provide these features offer it a price. Salonaat is unlike any of these apps. It is completely free on iTunes & Play Store and it offers loads of features. Special discounts are also provided to the users. This is why it is the best beauty salon app in Dubai


  1. Dual Language Support – It is highly unlikely that every user would prefer English over Arabic, their native language. Many people do not even speak English so it is important that the app must come with dual language support. Salonaat is one of those few free mobile apps that offer dual language support to the users. This is certainly a great option that people would love to have.


  1. Get Treated In Absolute Comfort. – Do you know what comfort is? When a single mobile app offers a smart way to get the best beauty treatment, this is what we call comfort. Salonaat is a reliable salon finder app that lets you treated in absolute comfort. Nowadays, it is quite handy to use a smartphone app that is specifically created for salon booking than to randomly search for one on Google.


  1. Everything at your fingertips –Instantly find the best ladies salon in Dubai, book an appointment, set reminders and get much more right at your fingertips. Salonaat is quietly becoming the most preferred smartphone app among users and this is because it supports interactive UI as well as the best features available for free.

Just download the app today and take a look inside.

Ease Your Burden to Find the Beauty Treatments in Dubai with Salonaat

Whenever you are up for the beauty treatments in Dubai or spa session, at some point of time, you quietly slip into a wonderful state where it is nothing but relaxation and calmness. This is the magic of facials and spas; you not only get the many benefits of such treatments, but also enjoy the absolute relaxation. However many of us fail to get the reliable places where they can get the best beauty treatment. Well, if you are also facing the same problem, we can give you a better solution. Yes, you are making the correct guess. Now you can find the beauty treatments you are looking for in Dubai with the help of a feature enriched app; Salonaat.


This app can connect you with professional services providers without any hassle. No matter what kind of beauty treatment in Dubai you are seeking for, with the app, you can find them all.


Key Benefits of Using Salonaat App.


Salonaat is the app that always comes up with significant benefits to the customers. It is the single app that not only drives the expected results for the customers, but also for the business owners. Here is the list of significant benefits you can get:


  • Provide A Great Platform To Hunt Best Spa and Salons: Have you ever left a salon due to its unsatisfactory services? Have you ever faced the problem while searching the perfect salon and spas that can give you the perfect haircut? If yes, then Salonaat is the best solution for you. This is the app where you can hunt any nearby salons and spas without any hassle.


  • Give You A Better Idea About The Quality Of Any Beauty Service:When it comes to beauty or appearance, no one wants to compromise, whether its a man or woman. Everyone wants to rock the floor with his or her outstanding look, and this is possible if you are able to find quality beauty services. Well, Salonaat app can assist you here, as it gives you better idea about the quality of any beauty service and products. The customers who received services can give their ratings and reviews to the salons & spa, that will assist other customers to decide where to book with more knowledge.


  • Give You A Plenty Of Option For Beauty Treatment: By using this app, you will not be stuck only with fewer options. You can get a lot of options, from Henna tattoo to the best facial treatments. It also offers you many local salons and spas.


In this manner, you can ease your burden to find the best beauty treatments in Dubai with one of the feature enriched apps; Salonaat.


The Easiest Way to Connect with Beauty Experts and Hair Stylists

How many times have you shown the photo of a celebrity to the hair stylists or beauty professionals and asked them to give you the same style? Let me guess and the answer is ALWAYS. There is no denying the fact that everyone, especially a woman wants to rock the floor with her outstanding look. That’s the reason every time when they seek a salon or spa, either they have a cutout from the trendy fashion magazine or the screenshot of an actress or famous model in their mobile. And they would be thinking: why not me, if they can? Well, the answer is yes, you can, but the condition is applied if you are able to get the reliable and desired salon or beauty services.
But now the daunting task is how? How can one connect with the professional beauty experts? How can one estimate the quality of services a salon is offering? If you are facing this same problem, let’s take a deep breath because Salonaat has come up with a wonderful option that can ease your this burden. It is a feature enriched app available in the App Store and Google Play for free! You may download it and enable to utilize the best results without taking any pain of searching the salon.


• Salonaat For Customers
As the app is free, one can easily download it from App Store or Google Play. And after downloading it, they can get the chance to do an easy yet smart search. With this app, you do not need to go here and there for references or ask your friends about a professional salon, you just need to install it and start to seek the experts.


• Salonaat For Beauty Businesses:
Salonaat is not only for customers, but the one who is dealing in the beauty business also utilizes the great benefits. How? Have a look with us:


• Effective Platform To Connect With Potential Customers: Salonaat offers an effective platform to the beauty business connect with their potential customers. With this app, they can inform their customers about their services and engage them to utilize.


• Promote Their Business In A Better Manner: Undoublty, every business owner wants to advertise his business in the most efficient way. And if it is possible without investing a lot of money, it will be icing on the cake. Well, Salonaat is offering the leverage to the beauty experts. With this app, they can promote their business and achieve their business goal with ease.


So, don’t miss this chance! Download the app and enable yourself to find the most reliable beauty service near you as well as promote the business in an expected way.

The Extraordinary Features of a Premium Salon Booking App

Revolutionizing the salon & spa industry with its premium services, Salonaat is an extraordinary hair salon booking app for both men and women. Taking the salon services to the next level, our app offers a beauty booking platform which ensures that the customers are treated in absolute comfort at a world-class salon facility for men only, women only or to cater both. The idea behind the origin of this mobile application is to allow the customers to find nearby salon & spas and call them directly or book directly from the application.


Offering special promotions, loyalty programs, great gift cards, and other pronounced benefits, our beauty salon app is one of a kind. Listed below are some of the defining features of our smartphone app:


1. Instant Access To Nearby Salon And Spa Centers – Salonaat is designed with a purpose of providing instant access to the users to all the nearby salon & spa centers. Offering free bookings, free reminders and free cancellation our app is certainly one of the premium beauty salon booking app in Dubai.


2. Dual Language Support – Toggle between Arabic and English language easily in our Salonaat app. The mobile platform was designed to support both languages which is what makes it unique. Now, it is more than easy for the customers to switch to their favorite language anytime they want and get access to the nearby salon.


3. Direct Interaction with Salonaat and Salons – When booking online, the Salon and Salonaat´s Customer Service Representatives will directly receive your booking and will assist you in anything you might need, such as confirmation or any other information.


Apart from these specialized features, our mobile application is loaded with premium salon services offered by popular spas and salons in Dubai. Our beauty platform also provides the same level of opportunity to both established salons as well as freelance service providers for selling their services to more clients.


Moreover, the best thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free. So, download it from Google Play and App Store.

How to Choose the Best Beauty Spa and Salon in Dubai, UAE

Do you know what is the most important thing for a woman? What is the thing that they always want more and more? Any guesses? It’s none other than the ‘beauty’. Yes, a woman always wants to look better than others. She always wants to rock the floor with her swanky personality. But here the daunting question that comes arises is HOW? How can they get this thing? What can improve their personality in a much better manner?


Well, in this post we are going to demonstrate you some of the significant facts that can meet this requirement. If we talk about the hair, there is no denying the fact that it plays a crucial role in order to make a woman more beautiful and stylist. But it also depends on the selection. Yes, how you are choosing a salon for your haircut, and what kind of services they are providing you are always the major concern.


Perhaps there are many salons available in Dubai, but how can you trust them?. How can you recognize that you are with the best beauty salon?. To lessen your this burden, here we are providing you some of the significant tips that will help to choose the best beauty spa and salon in Dubai without any hassle. Have a look with us:


  • Do Deep Research: One of the most effective ways to search the best beauty spa and salon is do a deep research. You may also ask for references. Consult with your friends, family members or anyone who has already used the services.


  • With Social Media Platforms: Another the best way to search the salon in Dubai is social media. Yes, with the help of such platforms such as Face Book, Twitter, Pinterest you can find a reliable salon. As a good salon always shares its work on such platforms. By watching their work you may conclude what kind of hair cut you should use and by whom you should take.


  • Customer Feedback: Last but not the least; you should always seek the customers feedback who has already used the services.s Their feedback provides you a great idea about the quality of any salon.

In this manner, you can find the best salon for yourself and get a hair cut that completely suit with your personality and give you a pro look! But this is also a waste of our time and nowadays when we have to squeeze the day to the fullest, we need to find a faster solution.


Using Salonaat the best salon app,  you will find thousands of services and salons and you will be able to check their pictures, prices lists and reviews.