The Extraordinary Features of a Premium Salon Booking App

Revolutionizing the salon & spa industry with its premium services, Salonaat is an extraordinary hair salon booking app for both men and women. Taking the salon services to the next level, our app offers a beauty booking platform which ensures that the customers are treated in absolute comfort at a world-class salon facility for men only, women only or to cater both. The idea behind the origin of this mobile application is to allow the customers to find nearby salon & spas and call them directly or book directly from the application.


Offering special promotions, loyalty programs, great gift cards, and other pronounced benefits, our beauty salon app is one of a kind. Listed below are some of the defining features of our smartphone app:


1. Instant Access To Nearby Salon And Spa Centers – Salonaat is designed with a purpose of providing instant access to the users to all the nearby salon & spa centers. Offering free bookings, free reminders and free cancellation our app is certainly one of the premium beauty salon booking app in Dubai.


2. Dual Language Support – Toggle between Arabic and English language easily in our Salonaat app. The mobile platform was designed to support both languages which is what makes it unique. Now, it is more than easy for the customers to switch to their favorite language anytime they want and get access to the nearby salon.


3. Direct Interaction with Salonaat and Salons – When booking online, the Salon and Salonaat´s Customer Service Representatives will directly receive your booking and will assist you in anything you might need, such as confirmation or any other information.


Apart from these specialized features, our mobile application is loaded with premium salon services offered by popular spas and salons in Dubai. Our beauty platform also provides the same level of opportunity to both established salons as well as freelance service providers for selling their services to more clients.


Moreover, the best thing about this app is that it’s absolutely free. So, download it from Google Play and App Store.

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